About Us

Web and blockchain development & consulting services

R. John Anderson, Founder & CEO

Christian, Entrepreneur, Author, Photographer
and Dad to Trixie, Daphne and Abby

Our Mission

To help you be successful in your business. That’s it, nothing overly complicated.

Operating Principles

Adivate is run based on some very simple principles, which are rooted in Christian ethics:

  • Treat others how you would want to be treated,
  • Do all work with quality and enthusiasm,
  • Let you “yes be yes” and “no be no” (i.e. we do what we say),
  • Offer excellent value for the services offered,
  • The customer comes first.

Our Focus

Startup to mid-sized businesses, with a focus is on helping faith based businesses and non-profits.

  • Tech Stacks: .NET/.NET Core, C#, Node.js, JavaScript, TypeScript, Golang, React
  • SOAP/REST APIs, Microservices, JSON/Xml, meta-data,
  • Database design and development (SQL & NoSQL),

Proven Track Record


Businesses Started


Dev Partners*


Years Experience



* With ASP.NET Storefront  e-commerce platform (sold business in 2010).

Don't Just Innovate, Adivate!

Adivate offers full stack development services for both front-end and back-end projects. With over 30-years experience in a wide range of systems, no project is too small or too large. We are proficient in multiple languages and development platforms. We work efficiently with CI/CD and rapid prototyping, and dislike bugs. We take pride in our organizational and project management skills and do our best to ensure that your business goals are successful. Areas of expertise:

  • Tech Stacks: Node.js,  .NET Core 3+
  • Languages: TypeScript, JavaScript, C#, Golang
  • NodeJS Platforms: Nest.JS, Gatsby.JS, Apollo, Express
  • APIs: GraphQL, REST, Microservices, JSON/Xml, Meta-Data
  • DB: PostgreSQL, MS Sql Server, TimescaleDB, InfluxDB, MongoDB, Cosmos, MySql
  • ORM: Type ORM, Prisma, Sequelize
  • Front End: React, Angular
  • Messaging: NATS, Streamr
  • Blockchain technologies (Cosmos TendermintEnergy WebOcean Protocol)
  • E-commerce ( Shopify, WooCommerce, etc.)
  • Corporate websites, blogs, and stores (WordPress, WooCommerce),
  • Real-time command & control guidance systems
  • High-volume database transactional systems
  • Image processing systems, and
  • Embedded systems integration (hardware/software).

Our business experience helps us make common sense decisions when doing design and development (sadly, all too often, this skill is very much lacking in typical development services). We welcome an opportunity to discuss your development needs.

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