Our Services

We offer a full range of development services across many different platforms.

Custom Full Stack Development Services

We can work equally well on both small and large projects from the startup to established business needing to do a migration to a new platform or system. We work in a full stack environment where we bring necessary expertise at multiple levels of the architecture, both back-end and front-end. 



GraphQL and REST API definition, development and documentation. Typically microservice design model in Node.js or .NET Core.


Database Development

DB design & development: PostgreSQL, Sql Server, TimescaleDB, InfluxDB, MongoDB, Cosmos, MySql or others as required.


Web2 and Web3

Hybrid development integrating Web3 and Web2 together, utilizing both conventional and blockchain dev technologies and platforms.


Tech Stacks

We can utilize multiple tech stacks as appropriate: Node.js, .NET Core, C#, C/C++, TypeScript, JavaScript, Golang, HTML, CSS, JSON, Xml, etc.


Shopify E-Commerce

Proficient in store setup, product setup, shipping setup, theme setup and customization, plugin setup and implementation of custom business rules. 


Multiple Platforms

We often utilize multiple platforms and tools to best meet your goals, needs and costs. No one platform works in all situations. 


WordPress Websites

Theme setup & customization, plugin installation, modification and development, performance tuning & site speed-up, Woo Commerce integration.


Performance Tuning

In particular, WordPress performance tuning, as WordPress is notorious for slow sites. A fast website is a happy website!


Language Translation

Helping with language translation, primarily English to Spanish and English to Chinese (Mandarin).

We Work With a Wide Range of Businesses

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Web3 Projects

Experienced in integrating and bridging Web3 and Web2 projects, where both conventional and blockchain technologies are required and must be integrated together.


Author Websites

Publishing a book? We’ve done that also. No good book is complete today without an attendant website to drive sales. WordPress again is a suitable platform for this kind of project.


E-Commerce Websites

With over 15 years experience in the e-commerce industry, we know a thing or two (or three) about setting up online storefronts. There are various platforms to consider, each with their own unique strengths, weaknesses and costs.


Church Websites

If you need a new Church website or want to modernize your existing one, let us know. We can make a custom site, or put you on one of the various Church Builder platforms, which offer quite a lot of functionality out of the box.


Non-Profit Websites

We offer aggressive pricing and try to keep our rates as low as possible to help you spend your funds on achieving your charity’s goals, allowing you to give more back to the community.


Custom Websites

Starting your own business and have custom and unique requirements and business needs? We’d like to discuss your objectives and see if we can help you be successful.

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